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Car Wrecks

As common as they are, car accidents can end in serious injuries and should not be taken lightly. We focus on what happened to you just as much as who caused the collision. Your injuries are personal, and we treat them that way.

A car accident is a traumatic event that happens unexpectedly and instantaneously. What follows next are weeks, months or even years of recovery from injuries and pain.

The financial stress from the medical expenses after a crash only adds to your worry. Our attorneys have helped both accident victims and their families seek and obtain compensation for their injuries. We are here for you.

TothLaw is proud to offer clients almost 20 years of legal experience handling cases just like yours.  Regardless of the type of crash you have endured, clients that hire us can feel confident that they have an attorney who knows about the laws surrounding accidents in Metro Atlanta and Georgia, and is ready to fight for the maximum compensation owed to them.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, call (404) 250-1564 or email us at for a free evaluation of your case.  

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